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Bill on the Issues

Economic Prosperity

The effects of the COVID-19 have been devastating to our communities and economy. Bill will put his experience to work to pave the way to economic prosperity once again. He will fight to keep government out of the way to make it easier for job creators to bring jobs back to Collier County.

Stewardship of Tax Dollars

With his vast experience in the private sector, Bill knows how to run a business efficiently and responsibly and uses this expertise at the county level. He will continue to scrutinize every one of our dollars spent by county government to ensure it is going to the best possible use and is being utilized wisely.

Support our First Responders

Every day our deputies, paramedics and firefighters keep our community safe, strong and free. Bill is thankful for our first responders and will ensure those that risk their lives daily for the betterment of our society have the tools and resources they need to most effectively do their jobs.

Environmental Responsibility

As an avid outdoorsman, Bill knows firsthand how important our natural resources and environment are. It is crucial that we live and govern as responsible stewards of the land to ensure future generations can enjoy these same natural wonders we are fortunate to have in Collier County.


Southwest Florida is one of the fastest growing regions in the country. The increase in new residents puts added stress on our infrastructure. We must ensure that our roads, bridges, and sewers are keeping up with the growing population and serving our community properly.